What alarm indications are possible?

Starting with EAGLE it is possible to get the following alarm indications in the assembly:

  • open door
  • in-activity
  • force entry
  • un-authorized removal
  • to many objects removed at the same time
  • power failure

The alarms are possible to send out on four seperate alarm loops to external alarm systems or other external equipment. Prior to the alarms it is possible to get a warning signal. The warning times are possible to set by parameters. However, it is not possible to get alarm signals of “non-events” in the assemblies, such as not-withdrawn or not-returned.

It is possible to choose what events you want to have indications for. These are possible to show in the system, but it is also possible to send them via sms or e-mail. This is possible for all events, not only alarms. AXSOR also indicates other things than events in EAGLE:

  • network failure
  • non-withdrawals
  • non-replacements

It is of course possible to indicate a lot of things. If you do have any specific question please do not hesitate to send your question down below.

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