Are you an entrepreneur?

We are getting a lot of enquiries from all over Europe. There is a great need for what we offer. In general terms we are looking for people to put PAAM Systems on the map in Europe. Are you an(…)

Baltic collaboration

Together with Rapid Security OÜ we start a collaboration in Balticum. By having Rapid as an agent in Estonia and Lithuania we are able to supply our solutions for control to our neighbours on the other side of the Baltic Sea.

EAGLE Open on the market

We are now launching an open assembly, EAGLE Open. When you have a secure room with good protection. You are in no need of a cabinet. And then you should not have to pay for a cabinet. You will get(…)

EAGLE Safe on the market

A safe electronic key cabinet. Certified according to SS3492. With great design. And the same functionality as all EAGLE. That is what EAGLE Safe is. You do not have to choose the large EAGLE Floor when you are in need(…)

New office

We have started the movement. PAAM Systems AB has moved to the new office at Fabriksgatan 54D in the center of Örebro. It is an important step for the company and our contacts. We welcome old and new contacts to(…)

PAAM Denmark started

PAAM Denmark started

Now we continue our development. We have taken a first step internationally. Denmark became the first country! It feels great to have the opportunity to offer Denmark our products and services. With Tom Øland as the area manager, it will be great! We look forward to many new contacts and satisfied customers in Denmark in the future.

New website – new times

We are now launching our new website. These are new times! It is not the only thing that will happen in 2012, much new will come. Naturally, we hope that you enjoy our new site. The idea is that we should be more accessible. Easily accessible information. This site will of course be filled later, but right now we(…)

Skydd 2010

Skydd 2010

It is time for the Skydd fair in Stockholm. Every second year we meet up in Älvsjö. It is usually a lot of visitors. Will you be there? On Skydd 1996 we introduced KEYsafe – we will try to present(…)